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Hot Takes From Chilly Vegas: IBS 2019

If you didn’t make it to Las Vegas this week for the International Builders Show, you missed out on some very cool stuff. Literally! Snow hit Las Vegas this week for the first time in a number of years, much to the dismay of locals who point to the climate as a benefit of the location and travelers hoping for a relief from otherwise chilly temps nationally. Inside the convention hall a wide arrange of companies promoted their products, services and software. While there weren’t a ton of revolutionary new products, in my opinion, I’ll share a few of the products that most impressed me.

1. Diamond Kote Digital Printed Siding (https://diamondkotesiding.com/color-studio/)

Wausau Supply introduced a new technique for finishing their Diamond Kote siding product. Soon, customers will be able to purchase siding with digitally printed appearance and a clear coat finish for a 30 year warranty, available in 6-8 different wood grain colors. I viewed the siding from a distance and up close and it is very impressive. Wausau is printing on a smooth LP Smartside board with no physical texture unlike the majority of their painted siding products. It wasn’t until I was inches away from the siding that I could tell that it wasn’t a textured board with a painted/stained finish. A couple years ago I toured their facilities, so I knew they had been working on this technology but hadn’t realized they were this close to releasing it. I look forward to seeing how it plays in the market and how eager homeowners and builders are to adopt it.

2. Camo Stand Up Drive Tool (www.camofasteners.com/drive )

Camo introduced a new Stand Up Drive tool that allows users to utilize drills/drivers they already own and install decking from a standing position rather than kneeling to apply fasteners. The tool speeds installation and has multiple attachments to adapt to edge, clip or face fastening. According to staff at the Camo booth, the tool should retail for around $169, which makes it affordable for DIYer working on their own deck or for a contractor to buy multiple units to future speed installation. However, the cost of the fasteners was not mentioned, and it could lessen the desire to adopt the new technology. Look for the Camo Drive Tool anywhere Camo products are sold.

3. Tool Tribe (www.ToolTribe.com)

The final product isn’t a product at all, but an App driven service for peer to peer rental of common contractor tools. Tool Tribe wants to connect a variety of tool holders with would be tool users through its mobile App. If you’re up for loaning your tools out for profit, download the App, sign up for the service, snap a few photos, and wait for someone to schedule a rental. I see this being a benefit to contractors new to the industry, someone venturing into a trade they don’t typically work in or a DIY person that doesn’t want to purchase a specialty tool for a one-off project. Plus, if you have a specific tool, like a concrete saw, that you don’t always use, list it and make some money off it. Tool Tribe has accounted for various pick up hours, delivery and insurance issue.

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