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LBM is a new way to purchase building materials.  Upload your construction documents and in a few hours we provide you with quotes from local material dealers.  We eliminate quantity errors typically found in competing supplier quotes and allow you to purchase materials online, on your schedule.  Our goal is to add transparency and uniformity to material supply!

Our Services

Independent Takeoff

We remove the guesswork!

LBM is on your side and won't 'mistakenly' leave items off your takeoff to impact the bottom line.  We work for you and not the material supplier!  

Local Material Pricing

Let us do the leg work! 

You don't have time to chase down 5 different quotes from different suppliers.  Let us implement our world class technology to save you time!

Uniform Presentation

Make easy decisions! 

We present pricing info in an easy to understand format that allows you to make quick decisions that save you time and let you get back to work!


“Really like the format and layout. It's going to save me time and money.  I've got another plan I'll be sending over. Thanks again!”

-Shawn, Kentucky

Ready for a LBM Takeoff?

Let LBM show you how important and independent, third party takeoff is to your purchasing success!  You'll see how easy it is to compare pricing from a variety of suppliers when you set the terms and specify the products for your next project.